Easy Steps To Set Up A Conference Room

According to the estimates, over 10 million business meetings and conferences take place around the world. Besides, these meetings consume up to about 10 percent of employees working hours on average. Therefore, conferences are part of our daily business. But how do we set up these conferences?

Well, setting up a modern conference room can be easier than you think. Remember, first impression counts. As such, if you are looking for simple ways to make a modern conference room for your clients, customers, employees, or even partners, this article is just right for you.

Before setting up your conference room, you first need to analyze the space and determine if it will comfortably accommodate your audience. It should be large enough to avoid any congestion. Also, you can determine the kind of set up that will best suit your room. You can also check around the room and identify the electrical sockets.

If there isn’t any, you need to ensure they are installed. This is because, in a conference room, presentations are usually usual. And for presentations to occur, projectors and PCs will require power. Make sure there are no electrical wires on the floor as people may trip over them. 

Cleanliness is another essential factor you need to consider. Make sure your conference room is clean from any dirt. Once this is done, you can open windows to allow fresh air into your room. In some cases, turning on the fans can help serve the same purpose. Fans help pump in fresh air making your visitors feel comfortable.

After that, you can set up tables and chairs according to the organization needs. Know the number of people attending the conference for you to plan adequately. For example, if guests are 20, you need to put 20 chairs and some two extra. You can arrange your sitting either in a theatre-style setup or U shaped set up.

The theatre setup requires the front seat to be a little lower for the back seat people to view the front. This type of structure can accommodate a large number of people. On the other hand, U-shaped configuration is usually suited for a small number of people, let’s say 20 or less. Nevertheless, if a company is planning to host less than ten people, the most convenient sitting style is a single table. 

Once the sitting is done, you can now add presentation projectors to the front. Connect it to the power source. Make sure all wires are hidden for safety purposes. You can walk between the sitting spaces and affirm if they are spacious enough. Also, confirm if everyone sees the front. 

Next thing you should do is to add bottles of distilled water, pens, writing paper and if necessary a fruit. The fruits add flavor to your conference room, making your guests have an enjoyable experience. 

Final thoughts

Making a conference room isn’t a big deal. If you follow the above simple tips, you will definitely make the best conference room ever. However, you should always ensure that every person views clearly the presentations in the front. 

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